Working environment

Our employees are our most valuable assets.

Therefore our aim is to shape our working environment with the health and well-being of our employees in mind.

To this end, we attempt to provide the best possible working conditions for our colleagues. We supply state-of-the-art equipment to ensure safety, set up ergonomically designed offices, and provide a professional IT, office and support infrastructure.

We assist our employees in planning and managing their careers. They can participate in a wide range of training programs designed to develop their skills and abilities. We offer our employees outstanding career-building opportunities by making it possible for them to gather experience and knowledge in other companies of the E.ON Group.

We believe in teamwork

We value and recognize each other's expertise and efforts - we accomplish more by working together. We base our relationship on trust and good intentions, since everyone's talents, abilities and active contributions are required for good teamwork. Thus, the success of the community also becomes everyone's private success.

We are a family friendly employer

We owe our success and development primarily to our colleagues, therefore it’s important that we support efforts to maintain a balance between work and private life, and we review our policies regularly from this perspective.

In positions where it is possible, we grant our employees flexible working hours or additional vacation time. We supplement our colleagues' wages with various fringe benefits, such as food vouchers, health or pension fund contributions, or additional insurance policies.