Company History

E.ON Tiszántúli Áramhálózati Zrt.'s main activity is electricity supply.

The Debrecen-based Tiszántúli Áramszolgáltató Vállalat [East Hungarian Electricity Supplier] was established on July 1, 1951. The company went public in 1992, and was privatized in 1995. Tiszántúli Áramszolgáltató Rt's shares were sold to Isar-Amperwerke AG, the Hungarian Privatization and State Holding Company ÁPV Rt., and various municipalities. Isar-Amperwerke AG's stake was taken over by Bayernwerk Hungária Rt. in 2000. The company's majority shareholder today is Bayernwerk Hungária Rt's successor company, E.ON Hungária Zrt.

E.ON Tiszántúli Áramhálózati Zrt. provides electricity to 400 towns and villages in an 18,728-square-kilometer area that makes up one-fifth of Hungary's territory. The company has nearly 760,000 customers, and its networks reach 25,436 kilometers in length.

The company's main tasks include system operation, network development and maintenance, regional customer relations management, as well as tasks in regard to metering and monitoring consumption.