The E.ON Brand

The E.ON brand name was created in Germany in June 2000 with the merger of two major supply companies. The E.ON corporate group was created at that time and has since become the largest investor-owned energy company in the world and the leading energy brand in Europe.

The new corporate group looked for a brand name that could be used to identify not only the company, but also its shares and products. Unlike the existing, traditional corporate names in the energy industry, the new name reflects a modern brand name that radiates power, dynamism and sympathy. At the time it was created, it corresponded to the objectives and efforts of the corporate group to be.

The E.ON brand name appeared in Hungary in 2004 when the three power supply companies that belonged to the Hungarian group adopted the E.ON name. After thus, in 2007 the two gas supply companies also changed their names. Owing to changes in the legal regulations, E.ON’s five network companies and E.ON Hálózati Szolgáltató Kft have been distinct from the other E.ON companies in name as well as appearance since the beginning of 2011. Instead of the usual E.ON logo, these companies are already using the ‘E.ON Network’ logo.

Since its formation in 2000, the company has become known throughout the world as a large and successful energy company. Customers expect affordable prices, reliability and a certain degree of care and attention. For shareholders, success, performance and efficiency are the most important things. The public pays attention to how seriously the brand takes social responsibility and what kind of solutions it has for future energy supply. And finally, the employees want a reliable and stable employer who provides them with the opportunity for professional development. All of these goals have to be reconciled with one another.

We are constantly trying to communicate in a way that can easily distinguish us from our competitors. Our goal is to conduct transparent communication that will help bring consumers even closer to their service provider.

Our brand is based on the factors that target groups everywhere consider most important: favorable price to value ratio, outstanding customer service, expertise in energy, responsible conduct in all activities, and future orientation for ensuring energy supply in the long term. The E.ON brand is built on approaching every target group openly and as a partner and nurturing a relationship with them based on honest, human values.