E.ON will continue to implement significant investments in Zalaegerszeg this year

Jun 20, 2017

Reliable operation, as few service interruptions as possible and meeting new energy needs in full: these are the goals that drive the E.ON Group’s network distribution company. More than 200 different development projects can be expected in Zalaegerszeg and its neighborhood in 2017: the service provider will be replacing power lines and gas pipelines and building new ones at its own expense.

E.ON operates, maintains and develops over 6,000 km of power lines and nearly 3,000 km of gas pipelines in Zala County. This year E.ON will continue to spend significant amounts on the development and maintenance of the networks and will pay special attention to prevention: it will renovate the equipment and the networks before system disturbances begin to increase.  The development projects involve the replacement of the natural gas mains pipelines, investments in public lighting and development as well as maintenance work. This year the company will be spending nearly HUF 1 billion in total on the maintenance and development of the power and gas networks in the entire county. 

The projects will be implemented by daily coordination of the work of city management experts working in the region and E.ON’s engineers. E.ON is constantly monitoring the development plans of cities and communities in order to adjust the newest, most advanced technologies to their needs both in public lighting and in energy solutions for institutions.

“It is always a pleasure for us to see new development projects starting in Zalaegerszeg. We are not only proud of the projects kicking off in our city, but we also know it is a great responsibility. In order to ensure that these projects create as few interruptions as possible in the life of the city, the experts of the Mayor’s Office and E.ON’s technicians are working closely together to finish the work as soon as possible so that the people in Zalaegerszeg can only enjoy the benefits of the completed projects,” said Zoltán Balaicz, Zalaegerszeg’s mayor.

The first gas network projects started in April. The metal gas distribution hub at 55-57 Göcseji Street and the disconnector stop valves in Zrínyi and Gasparich Streets have already been replaced. Currently, the gas distribution pipelines in Tulipán Street and between Erkel Street and Jánkahegyi Street are being reconstructed; this work is expected to be completed in June. Reconstruction work will then continue in Landorhegyi Street, Göcseji Street, Pázmány Péter Street and Sport Street.

The plans for development and reconstruction works continue to put particular emphasis on public lighting projects. Under these projects, a total of HUF 37.7 million will be spent in Zalaegerszeg on replacing the cable network and lampposts in Béke Park, Gasparich Street, the area near the OTP Bank building and in Hegyalja Street.

In addition to the improvement of public lighting, emphasis will be put on several development and maintenance tasks affecting the power grid that will allow the company to ensure and improve the reliability of supply.

The investment project worth more than HUF 30 million that was launched last year for replacing the medium-voltage underground cable in the city center is part of the above mentioned program. This project will enter into its second phase in 2017: after completing the plans and obtaining the necessary permits, implementation will start in the second half of this year.

Additional development work will start in Zalaegerszeg to supply power for the Northern Industrial Park for nearly HUF 190 million in total and the low-voltage network in the Vorhota, Besenyőhegy and Csácsbozsoki districts as well as in Gógánvölgyi Street for HUF 18 million altogether.

In accordance with previous years’ practice, the company will be sending a written notice to everyone affected 15 days before the beginning of any work that will interrupt supply. The company is asking for the understanding of its customers and the people affected by the projects as far as the possible inconveniences are concerned.

Renewal at E.ON

Focus on the future and a shift to new business areas represent an important milestone in E.ON’s life. The ability to innovate can be seen not only in technology but also in the business and the services provided to customers.

“Although E.ON is traditionally seen as an energy company, we view ourselves and our tasks in a more complex way. Energy means a different thing to everyone, from households to corporate customers: it can represent comfort, production power, security, good general mood and freedom of creation. We want to provide complex energy solutions to meet these needs,” stressed Regional Manager Balázs Torda.

The E.ON Group’s international and domestic business is based on sustainability as a strategic goal. The company strives to offer a more comfortable lifestyle with less environmental load as well as more energy-efficient services, providing its partners with a better customer experience by its sustainable products from green energy through e-mobility to digitalization and smart homes. E.ON intends to become a leading company in the new, modern energy world by working on the best possible solutions in key areas of the future for a more livable tomorrow.

Investments in Zala County

In 2017, new projects will be launched in several parts of the county other than Zalaegerszeg.

HUF 65 million will be spent on replacing the low-voltage overhead power lines near Lenti and Zalaszentgrót. The service provider will build a new medium-voltage network and an electrical substation in Babosdöbréte Rám.  In Zalaegerszeg, Besenyő Hills, Lenti and Gellénháza the low-voltage network will be reconstructed by the service provider’s technicians for over HUF 14 million.

E.ON Közép-dunántúli Gázhálózati Zrt will spend nearly HUF 196 million on the reconstruction and development of the gas network in several communities including Nagykanizsa, Keszthely, Lenti and Zalakaros as well as in several other smaller communities in the county.