New Ways of Energy

E.ON’s Sustainability Program

New ways of energyElectric drive transportation is one of the greatest achievements of the 21st century, and fostering its development is an important job. Providing the necessary electricity to ensure travelers’ mobility offers many opportunities for E.ON’s employees to develop technologies and services to meet our customers’ requirements. Through our Sustainability Program we are demonstrating how E.ON is contributing to promoting and spreading electric transportation.

We would like you to learn about our New Ways of Energy program and our products, and we would like you to read the useful advice about what to look for when choosing the charging equipment needed for e-cars.

Choosing the charging unit

The first and most important thing to do is to get a charging unit that will let you charge the car you want to buy as quickly and as conveniently as possible. Once you know the possibilities for charging the electric car, you should choose the charging unit, location, plug and suitable charging speed. Public parking lots should have charging stations that have guard rails and are protected against the weather. We recommend wallboxes in covered and/or enclosed spaces. Wallboxes are usually much more affordable, although they tend to provide fewer auxiliary services.

Even if E.ON is not your electricity provider, we can still provide a charging unit and ensure its operation. We can also supply it with electricity, but under the condition that E.ON supplies the entire property (point of use) with electricity.

Since both the wallboxes and the charging stations are normally embedded in your electricity network, they will not have any lead seal or special electricity meter. If, however, you ask for the charging unit(s) to be on a separate metering circuit, we will be happy to fulfill your request and furnish outdoor charging units with electricity meters.

Adequate network capacity

If you are a household customer, the second thing to do is to provide your property with adequate network capacity. Minimum capacity is 3-phase, 16 amps. Any network capacity lower than this will increase the charging time considerably. E.ON’s technicians will only install charging units if you have the minimum capacity or more. If your network connection has a smaller capacity, please contact your energy provider/network licensee and ask for the amount of capacity indicated above or more.

Giving a quote and installation

If the network capacity is available, please write to us by clicking here, and we will contact you to arrange an appointment for a free on-site inspection. Our technician will personally look at your electricity network, recommend the spot where the equipment should be installed and, within two weeks of the visit, give you a complete quote for the recommended equipment, the installation method and cost, and the necessary operating frequency.

Once you have clarified everything with our colleagues, the contract has been signed and the necessary capacity has been made available, the equipment will be installed and commissioned within no more than four weeks. The equipment can only be commissioned by E.ON’s technicians; otherwise the guarantee on the equipment will not be valid. Our employees will be happy to help with this.

How much does a charging point cost?

Several kinds of charging points are currently available for our customers, and the end-user price depends greatly on the technical specifications of the device. In any case, it is necessary for our employees to know the specific requirements, on the basis of which they will be able to give a quote with tailored technical specifications. The installation costs, which our experts can determine and send to you once they have visited the site, must also be added to the cost of the equipment.

Outdoor charging stations have a wide range of technical possibilities that have a substantial influence on the price of the charging station. As a result, we can’t give our customers a precise price quote until we have examined the requirements.

The cost of the charging unit is invoiced in one payment. The price includes a two-year guarantee on charging units from the time they are installed. We would like to point out that the guarantee conditions strictly forbid using the charging unit to charge any equipment other than electric vehicles since this can lead to the malfunctioning of both the equipment you want to charge and the charging unit. The charging unit’s guarantee does not cover this kind of malfunction.