Every year, the E.ON Hungária Group strives to support Hungarian culture, sports and society as much as it possibly can. We make our decisions on assistance and sponsorship according to strict principles and rules, which are based on the guidelines of the international E.ON Group as well as the needs in Hungary and our financial possibilities. Owing to the limits imposed by the current economic situation, we give priority in our collaborations to the long-term partnerships that have been operating successfully for many years. You can find information about these under the topics on the side bar menu.

In addition, we have an opportunity to create a few new partnerships every now and then. A sponsorship committee made up of outside experts and decision makers within the company goes through a multistep procedure four times a year to decide on the requests received by the Group.

The applications does not have a formal requirement, please send the e-mail onto szponzor@eon.hu  e-mail , please write shortly the content of the program, his aim, his planned budget, his target group, and the planned achievement of the program.

We process all of the applications submitted to szponzor@eon.hu, and working on the basis of the criteria specified in E.ON’s CR strategy, we decide whether to forward the applications to the outside expert evaluation forum – this role is undertaken by the Hungarian Donors Forum, one of the most well-known NGOs in Hungary.

The experts at the Hungarian Donors Forum contact the applicants and ask them to fill out a datasheet.  They prepare their list of recommendations on the basis of the datasheets that have been returned by the deadline, and the Donation Committee made up of E.ON managers uses this list to choose which initiatives and civil society organizations to support.

Organizations receiving support in the fifth cycle of 2017:

BME Management Student Association

ESET’17 university case study competition

The Association has been working for a long time as a credible organization, assisting its members and engineering and economics students in the region – nearly 200 young people – to acquire management and leadership skills above the average level and to gain professional experience by applying these skills in practice in specific projects.

Grant: HUF 200,000

Together for the Children of the Kémes District Foundation

“Get into shape” – Development of competences and abilities of elementary school children in the area of self-knowledge, career guidance and health

The goal of the Foundation is to support the individual and community activity of children and young people living in its district, to coordinate the work of all those who are willing to act in their interest, and to explore the range of available opportunities in order to help them achieve the development objectives.

Grant: HUF 400,000

Foundation for Bakonypéterd

Péterd Charity Family and Sport Day – 1st Péterd Cross-Country Running and Obstacle Race

The goal of the race organized for 60-80 participants is to help the life of families and senior citizens in need and to make the village livable for young people by organizing various community programs.

Grant: HUF 55,000

If you think you can offer collaboration in an area we support and it might be of interest to us, please email a description of your program to szponzor@eon.hu.

We announce altogether six application periods in 2016. We are processing the sponsor requests that arrive before the application deadline and will forward the applications that articulate goals that can be supported by E.ON’s CR strategy to the E.ON Donation Committee.The upper limit of donation per project is 1.5 mioHUF.
No support is provided for returning applicants on a continuous basis. Every application is evaluated individually as a new proposal.

We would like to remind everyone of the deadlines for the application cycles in 2017
     - 31 December 2016
     - 15 February 2017
     - 11 April  2017
     - 13 June 2017
     - 15 August 2017
     - 10 October 2017

Please note that it will take five or six weeks after the application deadline to make a full evaluation and select the projects to be sponsored. So be sure to apply with projects that will not be carried out until after the above application dates.

The E.ON support team